About Elenia

Elenia Turner is not my real name, but I do have a fairly significant amount of blogs under this name, so it stays.

I am a 20-something Something in London, and every now and again I write a few thousand passion-inflamed words.

Aside from writing, I enjoy reading, dancing round like an idiot, learning new languages and dressing up, and so I do all of these things in excess and very intently (although also rather sporadically).

I do so hope you will enjoy reading my authorial trials and tribulations and that, at the end, I will have written something for us all to be proud of.

Elenia out!


5 thoughts on “About Elenia”

  1. Nice blog! Thanks for the follow. Right back atcha . . .

  2. Lil you’re not 19 anymore :p still sporadic though πŸ˜‰

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