And I’m already behind. This due to a few things:

Slow start

Every wrimo worth hir salt knows that day one is The Day. You’re pumped up after all that October planning* and you shoot out the gate the second it hits midnight and hit 2K in about three minutes. Well, at around midnight on November the 1st I was… doing my hair. Then, after finishing my hair (which took a good three hours!), I went straight to sleep. Then, in the morning** I went to meet my friend for lunch before she went back home to Germany. So, not much writing there. I met up with a fellow wrimo who happened to be in the city for a conference in the evening, and we did get some writing done… but we also got a lot of chatting done. So, I ended Day One with a paltry 1035 words.

Lazy continuation/ Awesome serial sydrome

I then basically forgot about my own writing when I accidentally stumbled across my tab for The Zombie Knight, and only got a few words down on Day Two. Just… don’t click that link. Don’t do it.


I’m not writing the thing that I thought I would write during October. Instead, I’m rewriting Spoils of War, and I have no shame admitting that I’m feeling pretty precious about it. I cocked it up once already, don’t want to do so again.

Keyboard issues

Probably about a month ago, I got some oil on my laptop. I switched it off and tried to drain the oil out, but oil isn’t water. In one way, this is good because it means my laptop didn’t fry. But otherwise, it’s bad. How on earth will I ever get this oil out? It doesn’t evaporate! The functioning seemed fine at first, but now certain keys near the area where the oil fell are sticky and uncooperative. Which makes typing a royal pain. Even typing up this post has taken far longer than it should. I know that a NaNo is an inherently imperfect and typo ridden thing. But lets face it: a visit from the typo fairy is one thing, a complete lack of ‘o’s (and the occasional disappearance of ‘h’s, ‘l’s, ‘n’s and full stops) is quite another.

I’ll still carry on, just at a considerably slower rate than usual…

*Something I didn’t do this year…
**Okay, it was the afternoon. I slept late because I’d been doing my hair for three hours the night before, so sue me!