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Writing has gone slowly, so posts here have been less than existent. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

But, how fortuitous that the date I happen to wander my way back to the fold is the very same date as I started this blog, four years ago.

Happy birthday, Elenia! Kaffee und kuchen für alles!*

So, while we sit and munch on our goodies, let me tell you a little about this year’s Nano…

I have spent the past few weeks confused and unsure, not even knowing if I would take part. I haven’t checked the forums since the reboot, I hadn’t the foggiest what I would write. I didn’t want to continue work on one of my wips, as I get too attached to them to recklessly add in another 1667 words every day for a month and besides, keeping track of totals would be too complicated.

And then it came to me…

Well, sort of.

Remember a few of my excited conlanging posts? Those efforts were not made out of the simple joy of conning a lang: they were attached to a story. And I thought ‘why not write this story for Nano?’

It will be difficult, I think. At this point, I don’t have much plot. I’m also not sure the story has more than 20-25,000 words in it, in which case I’ll fall back on plan B and rewrite a story I started ages ago which needs some major thought.

In light of that… why not plot out two novels for this November?

Well, it wouldn’t be a NaNo if I were doing the sensible thing, would it?

*My German hasn’t progressed much since then…