Can I get a Hallelujah chorus real quick? Because Hallelujah and glory be, I have started writing again!

Now, I haven’t written in a long time. Oh, I’ve ‘written’, sometimes I’ve even written a lot. But nothing noteworthy, and nothing I’ve felt particularly proud of. Nothing that satisfied that need deep within me to write something, any thing, to get words out there and tell the stories that have been pent up so long.

Okay, so I’m feeling a little lyrical.

I guess now isn’t really the time to say that I didn’t actually write anything?

But I plotted a LOT.

Yeah, you read that right. I plotted.

The plotting is for, as you astute things may have guessed, Spoils of War, the story I wrote for Nano a thousand and two years ago.  It needed heavy revisions and heavy finishing so I did the sensible thing and, after posting a few chapters up for the world to see and judge, dropped the thing like a hot brick.

But I decided today that I would park my little butt and give the thing the attention it so sorely needs, and I did just that.

The plotting is by no means complete. I figured the only way I could pull off this revision was by creating a chapter by chapter plan of what happens. This is partly because the pacing in the first version was way off, partly because… well, I ran completely out of steam last time I tried. I may yet run out of steam the next time I give it a go, but at least the tracks will be there for me to be towed along.

Anyway, I shall leave you with that rather over-exerted metaphor.

I’ve more plotting to do*

*which I probably will not do. Don’t want to use up all my enthusiasm in one go, right?