I have recently made some little, quiet resolutions to myself. One of them, inspired by Johannes Punkt (who has totally written a short for a zine which you should totally buy*), is to read the books that the people I love love. Doesn’t seem so complicated, once you get past the unnecessary confusing wording, right? But I don’t do it enough. I read the books I love. I read the books that I am recommended (sometimes). But I don’t ever read a book for the pure reason that someone I love has loved it. But I should. I guess more on that over on my personal blog, which is still limping along**. The other thing is to start doing something for all those languages I study for the pure joy of it. Again, this can all be shoved into the personal blog.

The other thing i to actually update at least a few of those countless blogs I create, keep for a while like christmas present pets and then abandon. And, as we all know, abandoning your christmas present pet is a bad thing to do. So I will try not to do it anymore***.

Basically, this is something I say all the time, but seeing as I have recently graduated (see: personal blog, see: ** ) ad have not yet found a real human job/continued deferring the real world through ever more Education, I figured I could spare a bit of time each week to updates and so on.

So. Update.

I guess I should say here that I’ve lost my mojo a bit in recent years – I’m putting the blame on that time I tried to novel in France. I’m not sure why, I don’t really know when, but it has happened. But I’m still writing, slowly, rarely.

I’m keeping to the pet projects that I probably mentioned in my previous post, and they are getting somewhere. Maybe posting here more often will mean they get somewhere further, quicker? Whether or not any of this writing will be made publicly available/thrust upon you remains to be seen. But it is happening, and I wanted you all to know this.

Thank you all for sticking with me this long, even if you decided that 400-something words was two much and jut skipped ahead to see if there was going to be a good punchline.

I’m sorry, there wasn’t.

See you soon. Definitely****.

*I get absolutely no profit from telling you this, aside from a few warm fuzzlies. And while these things are in high demand, they cannot be used to buy delicious and overpriced food, so you really don’t need to grudge giving me a few and checking those links out, right?
**The post in which there is more on that does not yet exist. This is a motivation.
***Did I… run too far with that metaphor?
****I sort of crossed my toes here just in case I don’t actually see you soon, sorry.