You know, when you just forget, completely, to blog? No? Just me?

Well, I get those years a lot.

So, what have I done with myself since Monday the eleventh of November, 2013? The answer, if you want to know, is that I’m really not sure.

I’ve moved back to England from France. I’ve almost finished my degree. I’ve decided that I probably won’t be a writer.

Wait, what??

Yes, I know, I know. I have only wanted to be a writer since the day I first learnt to write. But I realised that, while being a writer would be great and amazing and everything I love, I  am seriously bad at finishing manuscripts, and also seriously at writing the kind of thing that I would actually pay money for.

Which is awkward.

Worry not, however, my abandoned followers. Just because my authorial inclinations have been killed by these rather awkward home truths, the fact that I won’t be a writer doesn’t mean that I won’t write. That would be like deciding I won’t breathe*.

So, as I still remain rather attached to my frankly fantastic lung functions, so I remain equally attached to my habit of sometimes fabricating completely true untruths. (And novelling in November. It looks so good, written like that, how could I not?)

(Did I mention that this was going to be a long post? Because it’s already pretty long and can only get longer.)

So, to catch you all up. I did participate in NaNoWriMo last year, despite my complete silence over here. I wrote [an amount of words that was rather pathetic], across two projects. Both were rewrites of old things which I lost two laptops ago**, one considerably better than the other. I have since written more of the second project, which I refer to as Mara Formae, and really it’s a shame I wasn’t here throughout October/November because it’s an absolute gem.

Two main characters living in (drumroll, please) alternate worlds!*** These lovelies, Oscar and Luzall, must (somehow) join together to stop the force of EVIL from getting his evil, weaslely hands on an extremely powerful weapon and conquering their worlds!**** :0

I have also continued a few older, lesser projects, and turned my wandering authorial eye to a couple of other, quite old projects, including my oldest project still running, which has been on and off for almost a decade now, probably.

See, I do have sticking power. Just not in the same way as other people.

Well. I’ve rambled on for quite long enough. Fingers crossed I haven’t rambled myself out!

See you next year!!*****

*Not exaggerating even a little bit.
**I also have a new laptop! Hence the update! Yay!!
***Another reason why I probably won’t become a writer. After the first book and a half, my readers will lose all sense of suprise and delight.
****To be honest, by the time I’ve written him in, the foE will probably turn out to be a fairly decent ruler and no one would mind that much. This always seems to be the way with my bad characters.
*****Okay, okay! I’ll try to make it sooner!