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So what happened, Elenia? You were writing words and updating your blog and then wham: only two days before you stop. What’s up with that?

Well, I’d been doing some major thinking, and I realised that The Slow War just really isn’t a November novel. I mean, I felt a lot like Flaubert while writing it, and we all know that Flaubert is the antithesis of a good WriMo.

That being said, I don’t think I’d ever finish this beast outside of a NaNo context. So I’ll save it to April and give myself a goal of 500 words a day. I know, it’s not much but considering I was barely averaging 300 it’s more than enough. It fits the story, too.

So that’s that.

‘Wait, what? Elenia are you… Giving up NaNo? But you’ve NEVER given up NaNo!’
Worry not, dear friends. For a while I thought I would, but the idea of not novelling in November is too foreign to my little mind. So I’ll be writing words, although I’ve still got no aims for the big 50K. I started on another fairy tale retelling last night and got a good 1,200 words in that one night so woohoo!

That being said, I’ve got still more words in my head, ready to be written down. So adieu, good friends, and good novelling speed to you all!