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So, I finished day two with a less-than-impressive 1144 words.

My NaNo is a creature which finds its roots in a few aesthetic ideals, with the plot initially doing service as a mere tool – a sort of open-top car through which my lyrical pretensions would drive around and flaunt themselves. In fact, my very first stages of planning left little space for any sort of plot at all.

This has since changed, but the description, the word choice and the sentence structure all remain key to me. I received a comment on a (very short) extract that mentioned the sibilance, and so now I’m trying to add in more. Believe me, there is a reason. Even if I forget it, even if I never explain, even if it is neither good nor noticeable, there is a reason.

I fly back to France today, after a week in London. How are all of you doing?