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This year I have managed to outdo myself, really I have.

Nano has not felt very real for me this year, and I have a pretty good idea why: I’m not at home. That is to say, I’m not in London. And although I only took the leap into my region last year, I really miss the support and the sense of a community.

This year, I’ll be novelling from France. Which is a country with many good points (a lot of which are wine, others being food with a focus on cheese), but the whole of France is covered by only one region with one ML. It seems that there are no other Wrimos near me, and so I’m doing this one on my own.

I’m eight and a half hours into the first, with only 188 words. I don’t mind though. I’m just happy with what I get at this point.

More from me later – gird your loins for a possible extract!