Guess what?

Yours truly has FINISHED something. Yep, I have reached the end of something, wrapped it up, written fin – and it is a something with a plot.

Okay, so it’s not really as big a deal as I’m making out. That is to say, it’s a huge deal for me, but it’s not really a magnum opus* or whatever. It’s my retelling of The Wild Swans / De Vilde Svaner by Hans Christian Anderson. I’ve been working at it for an unreasonably long time now – could even be about two years.

And it needs editing. It needs quite heavy editing, in places. Something may need changing. There are parts of the original that I have changed, that I wish I hadn’t – although my biggest departure from Hans Christian Anderson’s story is also my favourite. Go figure.

So. I just thought you guys should know, seeing as you stick by me through all my authorial trials and tribulations. You should know that, finally, I finished something.

And it feels good.

*… I don’t really know what that means. Perhaps I should have said Chef-d’oeuvre. Stick to the languages you know / I don’t follow my own advice.