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Oh hey, you lucky, lovely reader types. Guess what I’m about to post?

Nope, you were wrong! I don’t usually do this here, but I’m going to, today. I’m going to give you an extract.

This is the opening paragraph of something I started a little while ago, and I wanted to share. Enjoy ^.^

The view from the bedroom window was of the back garden, of other back gardens, of more houses and of the palace, rising above all else in its tattered, ramshackle glory.

It felt like a view she didn’t deserve, and yet still she let her eyes greedily linger on it this morning, tea in hand, as she did every morning for the past six months.

She imagined someone stirring in the bed at her back; padding up to lay their hands on her waist, to kiss her neck and wish her a good morning, to grumble lightly about where’s my cup?

But that was, and always had been, a dream. It had not happened, and perhaps it never would.