This post must necessarily start with a confession: I forgot to write yesterday.

How terrible! Not yet two days in and I forget to write!

I realised this with an hour left to go, but my furious effort only got me a little over three hundred words before midnight.

What to do? I had decided to write no more and no less than 1500 words a day… Well, that plan was obviously screwed. So I just kept writing. Told myself when I hit 3,000 words overall, I’d take a break, and return to the effort for another 1500 later in; treat it like a new day.

That’s exactly what I did. And it looks like luck was on my side, because I managed to reach my target without even realising it. Day one ended with the sentence

She’s so innocent, and I’m torn between preserving that about her, or messing her up like

– which I’m sure we can all agree is definitely lacking something.

Yesterday/today’s portion ended rather nicely with

Gabriel is the kind of person you can have conversations without ever having to actually open your mouth.

Much better, right?

I have a favourite sentence contender, but I’ll post that later, when I’m decided.

How’s it going for all of you lovely people? Sticking to targets?