Et hop! On est parti!

Camp started yesterday, and I’m pleased to say I achieved my target of exactly 1,500 words (although this is only according to my dodgy counting skills :/ ). I ended with a difficult character, (the cliché with little-to-no substance,) and so while I was VERY happy I had to stop yesterday, I’m not so happy I’ll have to pick him back up today :/.

I’m pleased to say that two of my characters seem to be quite talkative and fairly easy to write. But Annie Valens is not one of them. She’s meant to be incredibly cheerful, but also have an underlying uneasiness about everything and, oh Annie you are so difficult to write 😦

My favourite sentence from yesterday is:

It takes him a while to find both his balls, and then a couple minutes more to actually use them…

Said by my closet bitch, Mirijam.

And today is another day, with another 1,500 words to go.

How’s it going with you?