It’s me again! You caught me while I was thinking deeply about April!

Okay, no you got me, I’m lying. I came here on purpose to tell you about April. Who would have thunk it, huh?

I’m think maybe a way to get through April – instead of pushing myself to write MORE, MORE, MORE everyday; instead of trying to be one step ahead ALWAYS – is to be exactly on target. Each and every day. To reach my goal, which is a modest 45,000*, I have to write 1,500 words every day.

And so, with this new plan, I’d have to stop writing each day as soon as I hit fifteen hundred words.

A long time ago, I read that one great way to bust writers block was to stop writing in the middle of a sentence. And just leave it. It’s true, when you’re forced to stop writing for any reason, your brain falls over itself trying to continue where you left off**. Maybe you’ll forget what you were going to write, and think of something better, with more possibilities. Maybe in this time your characters will have a chance to grow and your plot, a chance to progress. I guess this is partly why I find October good for plotting. I want to write, but I can’t, so I do everything else instead.

In addition to this is the fact that I don’t think I can really sustain any particular level of quality for long periods of time. My friend over at Johannes Punkt told me he was planning to chunk up something he was writing, and I think that’s a brilliant idea.

And so, if*** I do Camp this year, I think that might be an interesting – if not the best – way to go about it. Well, I won’t know until I try!


*Bearing in mind, the most I’ve ever written for one piece was last years NaNo word count of 38,442

** At least, mine does. Doesn’t yours? Shouldn’t everyone’s?
*** Oh, who am I kidding?