Oh, go on then. If you must.

Well, Burgoyne house is a little project of mine that died last summer, along with my laptop. The house itself is a house of multiple occupancy (something like that) that is home, as a rule, to the less normal of society.

I had a few characters sorted out: Annie Valens, Caroline, Mirijam, Andy and Rhys Jones. I also had a vague idea for a ‘where did that come from?!’ fantasy subplot involving someone whose room actually contained (wait for it) … another world. Yep, I’m forever original.

And each of the characters would have their own storylines, but would interact with each other, and so with each others story lines.

This base idea had remained unchanged. However, the characters have all become more extreme versions of themselves. Which is a little worrying, actually. I don’t know if I’ll really be able to write them the way I’d like to. One of the characters is a truly horrible person, and they seem set on getting worse. Another is an absent minded genius who is actually accidentally evil. One of them is a stereotypical teen who has to make problems before he actually has any.*

But I hope that, if it goes, it goes well.

Have I plot? Sort of, actually! But not much of one. But these are all things that are there to be worked out 😀

*This last is, of course, the worst of them all.