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Last week I went stationary shopping with a friend of mine. She’s doing Camp Wrimo this year, and she’s going to try and do it by hand. We wondered around the stationers of tottenham court road for a while – that is to say, from Muji to Paperchase and back again – before sitting ourselves in Costa to review her purchases, talk and write a little.

My friend asked me if I’d be doing Camp. No. Why not? The usual excuses – April is the month before my exam semester, I haven’t got ideas… Etc.

But it turned out I do have an idea that needs writing. And exams? Psht, when have I ever taken those into consideration!

The result: I’m probably doing camp wrimo.

I signed up to the site last night and put down my target (45,000 – I want to push myself, but I’m bearing in mind the fact that I really ought to do some revision during the month). I chose a title – subject to change:

Burgoyne House.

Which ain’t great, as titles go, but I like it.

I’ve got a vague idea of the plot, and very detailed plans for my characters – but more on the later.

And of my Wrimo’s doing camp this year?