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Guess what? THIS ISN’T ANOTHER CONLANG POST! For those interested, yes work on the ConLang is ongoing, but not right here, not right now.

Guess what else? Spoils of War is officially going under the knife.

I’ve know it was in need of some heavy editing for a long time, and so for a long time I’ve been avoiding it. Because I need to take a bit off the breasts and inject it into the thighs and then create entirely new tissue for the bum and really, who can be bothered? Okay, so that was a strange metaphor. Shall we try again?

My main issue, even as I was writing SoW, was that I jumped into the action too quickly, and I hadn’t quite decided what the action was going to be. So instead of a battle with storming armies and bravery and rage, we have (literally) a limping enemy. No fun to read, no fun to write.

And then we have another problem. Boring exposition, boring conversations, moments of ‘but what? and why?’ Again, no fun. And kind of distressing because I like Spoils of War, and I have sort of big things planned for it.

So I have to do some major rewriting. The editing process has come to a bit of a halt, because I’m going to have to insert an extra chapter or two, to hold of the action that little bit longer, and to establish my world a little bit more. I will have to get round to writing those damn vignettes, which certainly isn’t as easy as I thought I would be. And I’m going to have to cut all the excess weight the story is dragging about.

~Le sigh~ The life of a surgeon. Er, I mean, an author. :S