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Tres bien, merci πŸ˜€

I’ve got articles. I’ve got ideas about sentence structure. I’ve got a pronoun for pregnant women.
To that last one… it makes sense in the context of the story.

I’ve also got the building blocks of a secondary language. This secondary language is not relevant to the beginning of the story, but will be important later. My pronoun protocol is quite exciting to come up with, but I won’t bore you with that just yet.

If you’re wondering what the pronoun for a pregnant woman is (also an article in it’s own right), it is ola (pron. o-la. The a is nasalised, as in the French word ‘sans’).

I have for articles which are not gendered but which are, instead, used according to how ‘animate’ the object is. People and animals share one. Vegetation takes another. Inanimate objects take the third. The exception is ‘ola’ again. Can you have a pronoun that is an article? I don’t actually think so. OH WELL.

On another note, I feel like my twacation has made my tweets even more obnoxious. Oh well, I’m pretty sure that’s 19% of the point.

Back to the story. I have a character. She is named after the desert – Lolia (pron. lo-li-a). The ‘a’ is the ‘a’ as in ola. It is the article Β for living things. So she is ‘the desert person’. She’s not a main character. She’s going to die soon. An ignoble death.

So, cheery times ahead guys!!