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Well, it is. But it really shouldn’t be. I have to be in class in under eight hours time, so why am I still awake? Because of languages. Thank you, communication, thank you…

Remember the desert story I told you about a few posts ago? Well, it’s sort of moved forward, in that I thought of some more decent sentences to attach to it and also because WE HAVE LANGUAGE!

Er… That is, we sort of have language. More like a few words and some grammatical nitty very-gritty.

Most of the 10.5* words look and sound pretty much the same, which is totally on purpose, guise. No but really, it is. I started with ‘To be.’ This was logical. I needed to know what ‘to be’ was so I could work out the name of their god**, so I could use it to derive a word for great so that I could attach it to their word for desert so that I could figure out the new name of the town.

Logical and lengthy. Hence why I usually steer clear of logic.

Each word is vague – to be ended up also having a secondary meaning of to think (thank you, Descartes…) as well as tertiary, out of use meanings of speaking, moving etc. I’m at peace with these vagaries. Words will be specialised and mutated as and when I need to specialise/mutate them. The town is a midpoint between two or three cities of variable relative thriving metropolisiousness, and so loan words will come from the travellers, who will all handily speak different languages. I’m letting this one grow more or less naturally. Well. I’m trying.

I also have a potential name.
The nascistasis of hRelolikre.
hRelolikre is a horrible transliteration of the name of the desert. Oh well. Que sera sera and such. Wondering what it means to be nascistatic? Go google it!
I could totally provide a link but… It’s quarter to three. I’m going to bed instead.

But before I do that, it has struck me that this language will probably not be at all anticipatory. Each syllable will probably sound the same, no matter what precedes or follows it. Might need a new part of speech to facilitate this… Ergh.

Bonne nuit à tous!

* that .5 is a pronoun. Just first person, plural or singular, I know not. Also, of you count place names as halves, that’s 11.5 words. SCORE.
** rights go to the great I AM.