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My tickets to go and see Alice in Wonderland at The Royal Opera House arrived today! (This is definitely not relevant – but I’m so excited, so I’ll just add an Any Other Business Category, it’ll be fine. Besides, Alice in Wonderland is always relevant.)

I wanted to go and see Alice last year, but the ROH website was so busy that I couldn’t even log in, and then my account in particular had problems. So I was delighted when I go the email saying that booking for a new run this year had opened to the public. The ballet is insanely popular: by the time I logged in, around six pm on the day booking opened, most seats were sold already, and I only managed to secure seats for my friends and I right at the top of the amphitheatre, on the side. But when tickets are only £9 each, who am I to complain?
I love Alice in Wonderland – I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t – and the ballet looks like it will be inventive and colourful and exciting and wonderful in every way. March, here I come!