So the most important thing is: did I win NaNo?

But before I answer that question, Happy New Year to all 🙂 Bonne Année !!

Okay. That’s done. And no, I did not finish :/ however I did write the most I’ve ever written: 38,442 words, or something thereabouts.

And since then? Rien.

Okay, presque rien. I’ve been finding it difficult to get anything much down at all, although I’ve written some five-six thousand words in essays. Which is actually a lot. I’ve also had an idea for another essay I want to write – for fun!! We’ll have to see how that goes.

But on creatively, I appear to have run dry. Sure, I’ve had many an idea, but my words fail me. Nothing I write seems to come close to what I want it to be: all sentiments expressed are somehow broken, somehow wrong.

Je ne sais pas. But hopefully this won’t last.