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So I realised I was on the completely wrong day last post :/ but I’ve gone back and corrected it. So how did the real day five go? Thanks for asking, it was great! I got (according to the NaNo website, which I don’t really believe) 2,141 words written. Awwwww yeaaaaaaah ;D

I went to a very informal write-in in the Science Museum. If you ever want to do a write-in there, I have a simple tip for you to ensure maximum productivity: DON’T.
The Science Museum is a really fun and awesome place and you will get distracted by the fun and awesome because that is the nature of going there. Even if you get to the wrong top floor that is filled with slight rubbish, very weird games. You will play them.

Anyway. After that, I went to an official write-in, where my word count was boosted by a good one/one point five k. Nice, considering I was hand writing, and we only had two forty five minute sprints – and one of those was cut short.

How were your day dives? Abominably bad? Or terrifically good? Tell me ^^

Word Count: 6,578
Cups of tea: oh gosh :/ can’t even remember
Sugary things: I actually didn’t have any yesterday ^^