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So Day Two didn’t go so well, mainly because day two was spent on an EPIC BUS ADVENTURE across London. It turned out, for those who are interested, to be more of an Epic TfL adventure, we got busses, the underground, te DLR (always fun) AND THE EMIRATES AIRLIFT ACROSS THE RIVER. Which was supremely awesome. I might even upload pics, although they would be completely irrelevant to this blog.

You would be right in guessing that in the midst of all this excitement I did not do much writing. I didn’t make the word count. In fact, I don’t think I wrote more than a thousand words, which isn’t ideal.

Day three was however, much better – not hard.

I had planned to meet up with CMBH and write, and then at the very last minute possible, opened the plans to all London WriMo’s. And – I really don’t have words enough to do this justice – but one of the London WriMo’s was amazingly generous enough to lend me usage of an old laptop for the month! My gratitude knows no bounds – I’m immensely indebted to her.

Thanks to my benefactor, I managed to type up my NaNo in its entirety, and have just broken 4K – woohoo!

In character news, I have worked out three more characters. These are ‘The Coes’: Johan and Joseph/Yoseph Cohen, twins with dark curly hair and dark skin. The older twin, Yoseph, house shares with my MC and gets surname rights.

The third character is Samson Morell. He’s a quiet kid, but I have big plans for him *insert manic author laugh*
So I’m quite excited.

An extract will come later 🙂

Word Count: 4010
Cups of tea : four
Sweet things: innumerable. Already.