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So day one has properly dawned. Of course, for me November the first behind at midnight, and by this late hour of nine am I usually have a substantial amount of words under my belt.

Today, non. My word count goal yesterday was to write at least one thousand words of my essay. I succeeded, but I also failed. I have two-three more paragraphs to write, and less than five hundred paragraphs to write them in.

Contrary to my usual beliefs, which is NaNo over all else, I’m prioritising this essay. Because, really, I do want to do well in this degree, and I need to do better than last year.

I did squeeze in some writing today, though (at three o clock), but only 200 odd words. Writing by hand (and not at the stroke of midnight) was a weed experience. I didn’t feel like I was NaNoing at all – I had to try and force myself to stop picking and choosing my words. Usually, at least on the first of November, there is a writable outpouring of words as a result of excitement and holding myself back. But today, I am merely worded out and tired.

Hopefully, I can update later with more cheerful news. Good luck to the rest d you wonderful wrimos!