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So, I finished my essay with thirty minutes to spare. Which, for me, is practically the same as handing it in a week before the due date.

And then I went to visit my nan. She’s in hospital right now, after a stroke, but I haven’t been able to see her much: first because of a cold and then because of work. You can imagine my confusion and irritation when I went to her ward only to find that she wasn’t there and, no, the nurses weren’t sure when she’d be back, sorry. I decided to wait. And while waiting, I curled up in an almost comfortable chair and got a fair few pages of writing done, which was nice!

I’ve finally finished today with a word count of just 1672. However I’m thinking maybe taking it slow might be better – I’m less likely to run myself into the sorts of problems I usually do.

With all this said, I bid the WriMos of WordPress goodnight: I am exhausted and all I want to do now is eat lasagne in bed. I don’t have lasagne, but I guess shepherds pie will do…