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And by ‘this’, I of course refer to my absence from all things NaNo (including this blog) when NaNo is so very, very close.

I mean, of course, to start NaNo with a clear conscience (and an empty ‘to do’ list!). In a previous post, I wrote that I would like to ‘dash off some damn good essays for uni without even breaking a sweat / my authorial stride’. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, although a little before time.

I found out that actually, my two first essays were not due in the month of November. In fact they were (are) due today. Okay, one today, and one tomorrow, but I have pushed forward the deadline. Because tomorrow is November the first, and I will want to spend all conscious time getting as much written for my novel as possible. And because November the first is a Thursday, by far the worst day of my academic week: I have lectures and seminars for five straight hours, and so would not be able to find time during them to do some last minute polishing up, or to make the 4pm deadline.

So I spent yesterday in my uni library and literally wrote 1630 words of essay from scratch. I plan on doing the same today.

If I can do it with essays, then I can certainly do it with a novel!* NaNo? No problem!

ALSO! Coming later: ‘Un petit discours sur l’aube de Bretange‘.
It’s gonna be wild, folks!

*One hopes. Of course, the possibility that the excesses of yesterday and today will cause me a crippling inability to look at a blank word document or piece of paper is always present, but one always hopes.