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So, you might have noticed the many, many categories this post has. Or not, but please, don’t hesitate to go and have a look right away.

Yes! They are almost all characters!
I managed to come up with them at yesterday’s plot in. A couple of them you might already recognise – Kristophe Andersen, Marquise Guerlaine. Some may strike you (Fiona + Mary = elaborate and disturbing in-joke.) The rest are, for this blog, completely new 😀

Most important is Nastasie Mullington, listed as the ‘Main player’. I trawled my baby names book for a suitable name, and finally settled on Nastasie, a Russian pet-form of Anastasia. (I know, I know. Russia again: I’m obsessed.) I chose Anastasia because of its meaning – rebirth (which led to a fairly interesting possible plot point…) but the full name is a little cumbersome and formal for my Nastasie. She is named more after the character of Charles Bovary’s first housekeeper than she is after the princess. I have the idea that her mother read the book years ago and took away from it an urge to name her daughter Nastasie, but also that something larger than this is possibly at play – more on that if and when it is developed.

Marquise Guerlaine has also finally found her place in my narrative. Monday saw my novel take on even more of a game format. As such, we need a dealer. Enter Marquise.

Karys Aldermann is the new Kristophe Andersen. That is to say, she is antagonist 2.0

And while on the subject of Kristophe and Karys, it has been decided that they’re closely related. It has also been decided that he looks like a better groomed version of Chris Hemsworth as Thor in The Avengers. What can I say, sometimes these things just happen :’)

Mary and Fiona are housemates, and Marlen and Yusef are, respectively the Black and Red Jokers. Yusef in particular is quite an interesting character. But I’ll leave you with that for now.

How’s your plotting going? All god on the developmental front?