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Okay, so I mean changing names. What prompted this?

Well, remember when I said that Marquise Guerlain might be my ambivalent character? The catalyst that starts everything off? Well, no longer. I kind of always wanted to have my AC be a guy – a tattooed guy. I’d then have my character say ‘Ink has never really been my thing BUT’ – words to that effect. This was forgotten at the plot in, but I just saw a guy on the train who reminded me. I’ve never had character models before, but I legit would have stopped him and taken a picture had we not been on a busy train, separated by the crowd.

His tattoos were colourful – kinda pretty – and pretty much of the sort that my first imagining of the instigator would be (he wasn’t ambivalent back then).

Well, Marquise really isn’t a tattoo kinda girl. And she’s firmly a she, too. So, I’ll have to think of a new character with a new name. But wait… What about Kristophe Anderson? There’s a name I don’t want to lose! Et voila, Marquise has been benched (again) and Kristophe Anderson the former needs a new name.

My goodness this is confusing.