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For those who want to know what exactly it was I plotted Lundi soir (- see, all that French is taking effect!) I will tell you.

My antagonist is a woman named Kristophe Anderson. Yeah, I know, her name needs some work. I’m quite happy with her, though. She is very tall, very thin, with light eyes and white blonde hair. In this, she looks just as I had first planned, which is nice because I had actually forgotten to bring all my planning work avec  moi. She is driven by her desire for power, (so cliché) and so is stealing les petits of people with influence in the Otherworld. Quite what she aims to achieve by this, I don’t remember. (The notebook with the planning in it is right next to me, but hell if I’m looking through it.) I also don’t know what she will do with her power if/when she gets it – that is something to explore, probably at the next London Plot-In*.

My MC is still, sadly, nameless. She has just moved into a large but sort of decrepit house in North London with four others. She thought the noises she heard coming from the wall was just her noisy neighbours… she thought wrong. Oh yeah, that’s my Otherworld. Of course, this realisation (enlightenment?) will be followed by lots of adventures of the card-game variety.

Card games? Yes. Remember when I said the brief thought of cards had come to me? Well, I have a sort of idea how this will work. Okay, so it’s a terrible idea, and I kinda of want to scrap it, but at the same time I’m simply too in love with it to do so.
Brace yourselves.
My MC will have to draw cards to determine her next moves. Each card will have a certain significance, according to the rules for certain games. The games at current are blackjack and (wait for it!) Ring of Fire. I know, I know! Silly, silly Lily. But, erm. Should be quite fun. I need two more sets of card games where each card is related to an action or a penalty, so if you could help me out, that’d be grand.

Jokers are game changers, red for the worse, black for the better.

And that is pretty much all I got done, although I also managed to decide that the person who sets all these event in motion will be an ambivalent character, of sorts. Someone who does for the sake of doing, sans motivation.

I’m thinking that maybe that ambivalent character should be my dearest Marquise Guerlaine. It’s about time I find some use for her.

Anyway, I have bins to put out and an article to write – in French, no less. I think I will do the former, and then take the latter with me to bed.

Bonne nuit, mes amis!

*For those who are interested, this will take place on Monday at The Old Red Lion Theatre Pub on St. John Street, Angel. Details here.