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I have had an unproductive day. I was woken up obscenely early by the sun jabbing its awful rays through my window – while it’s nice to e able to see the sunrise from the comfort of my bed, I wish I didn’t have to. It also doesn’t help that I fell asleep with my light on :/ double whammy.

I valiantly tried to get back to sleep, but when it still wasn’t happening by eleven, I went for a shower instead. A really long shower. Made and ate breakfast, then FINALLY got back to sleep. Until four thirty.

In my defence, today wasn’t the most pleasant of days. I have a streaming cold (some people like to think its the flu; I am valiantly resisting this,) and very swollen gums. Thank you, wisdom tooth, your presence is much appreciated.

The point of all that is that no, I did not do any real planning today. Although I was trying to work out my MCs tasks – what they should be, that sort of thing – and suddenly thought of cards. Playing cards, that is. The idea is not really fully developed, and is still swishing about it my head*, but I’m thinking s/he’ll have to draw cards to find out what needs to be done next? Or something.

Well, anyway. I hope everyone else in the NaNoverse is having a far more productive day than me!

*Okay, so that could be the Jack Daniels…