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I provided a few (hopefully helpful) links to world building guides that others have written in a previous post.

Here, I’ll provide one more, you your planning pleasure. This is a link to a set of 130 (yes, I counted!*) questions to develop your characters. I’ve literally just started working my way through them, but I think it’ll be fun, more than anything else. I’m the sort of writer who lets her characters build themselves, and they’re usually miraculous in how consistent they are. But some characters need a little bit of a push, right? I want a really interesting and exciting antagonist for this years NaNo. If I can figure out what s/he’s like, I can figure out what makes him/her tick. And then I will (hopefully) be able to right him/her abundantly well, as voraciously as possible and most of all, they’ll be REAL.

Which would be nice.

Anyway, I think this is my last post for today. I’ve been told by two people that they think I have the flu, which I’m not impressed by – especially as I’m thinking they’re probably right.

It’s also my mum’s birthday, and I want to see her before the day ends, so adieu! and good  luck planning them characters!

*Disclaimer: I in no way claim that I counted correctly. If I’m wrong, it is entirely Everyone Else’s Fault. If I am right, the credit is all mine.