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Well, dear friends, I had a whingy post about how I fail as a plotter all typed up and ready to foist upon the world (thrusting is not nearly negative enough a word) when I thought – really how will this help? I may get suggestions and help, but I might not. Why don’t you go ahead and properly try before whining and begging for help.

So I did.

I  started with a simple heading: Otherworld.*
Now I have an image in my head that immediately associated itself with my otherworld: a ballroom of creamy columns, glittering chandeliers and rich tapestries – all rundown and falling into disrepair. There you go, written (quite neatly) underneath my heading:
– Tattered decadence (Gormenghast style)

And, as I’ve often remarked before, writing is thinking, so I wasn’t particularly surprised when ‘The children are disappearing’ followed on without prompting from me.

Well, wow, I’ve got conflict! Yes! Because what is a novel without conflict? Suddenly now, all seems less lost. Suddenly now, I am feeling even more excited!

Well, I’m diving back in now, dear friends. Wish me luck!

*Why do I almost always have an otherworld? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet that it’s because this one simply isn’t good enough.