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Following my decision to play the field, I tried to do some planning last night.

I say tried because, what I actually ended up doing was falling asleep on my ringbinder.

Nevertheless, I got a tiny morsel down. I’m actually terrified of planning this because I want to write it so bad. I thought of one character name, and I felt like I was cheating because I instantly tried to write her a story.

I guess that bodes well for November, but for now? It’s torture.

Anyway. The tiny amount of ‘planning’ I got done last night was pretty much a linking up of a few prompt ideas. They offer a possibly decent start, but I still don’t have any idea what they’ll lead to (aforementioned terror of planning to blame here. I have never felt like this before…) The ‘plan’ thus far is just full of questions:
– and grows when it needs to?
– where does it lead?
– where is the map of?
– what’s behine the door?
– how + why?
So on, so forth.

I also have one character. Marquise Guerlaine. Who is she? Only time (and extensive character building) will tell.