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So, I haven’t been posting much about NaNo (nor planning much :/ oops,) but that’s not to say I haven’t been thinking about it. That is to say, thinking about how I’m to go about it.

As none of you know, my laptop finally went caputz this summer. Which really, really upset me. I have a ton of stories on there that I love. I also no longer live with my parents which means I am separated from our mac. While I do have the use of my aunts laptop, I don’t think I’d be comfortable using it for ’30 days of literary abandon.’
Hell, I don’t even think I’ll be using it to write uni coursework on.

That leaves me with but one option. No, not a typewriter. If only.
Good old pen and paper.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love pen and paper. In fact, even before my laptop so sadly passed away, one could usually find the following on my bed: ring binders, notebooks, refill pads, exercise books and at least two pens. Now I have a double bed and no laptop, these things have only built up. At current my bed is home to four ring binders, twenty-one notebooks, five refill pads and four exercises books. The pen count is… well there are a couple of ten-packs in here somewhere. Literally.

So, to get back on-topic, my misgivings definitely do not stem from any sort of aversion to actually writing things down. For both NaNos ten and eleven I used notebooks to write in for when I was out and about, or for when technology was not on my side. My notebook came in especially handy last year – pages of writing that I’d done during lectures and on the train home from uni, thinly interspersed with lecture notes (handily written in red pen, so I’d be able to separate the chaff from the wheat.)
But writing fifty-thousand words out – by hand? In a month? And then I have to type them up? I’m not so sure.