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Oh dear. Bad Elenia. Naughty girl. I’ve done precisely no planning in these past few days, and always feel ashamed of myself when I type wordpress.com into my browser and then realise I have nothing to update you one. (Speaking of browsers, mine can’t spell worth a damn.)

So, what I have I been doing in absence of planning my NaNo? Well, I’ve been (drum roll, please) reading. Reading and being feeling horribly ill.
And  what, pray tell, have you been reading, Miss? Indeed, I have been reading my set texts! Choquant, je sais. It’s Cloud Atlas, which my friend loves and which I, until about half an hour ago hated. I hated it because it is one of my set texts for this upcoming semester. I hated it because the start bears an awful resemblance to Robinson Crusoe (except it contrives to be worse than Crusoe, in my studentine opinion, because it is contrived. False, you know, Defoe had the redeeming feature of writing in his native style. Mitchell? Not so much. Not that I am really one to talk.)

So why, half an hour ago, did my sentiments change? Because I finished it.
Okay, so I skipped all of the middle, and sundry bits of beginning and end. But the first thing I noticed and admired was the symmetry. I like that Mitchell brings us full circle to and from Adam Ewing, even though ‘he’ is intolerable. I found my self loving and hating Robert Frobisher, sometimes alternately, more often at the same time. The story (should I say opera? I feel I should say opera) became interesting, for me, when Luisa Rey took her place on stage. I admit, I skipped everything between her chapters and then continued on from there to the end. But overall, I like the way that Mitchell weaves his tale, even if I don’t like all the components. I could go on and on about it, but I won’t, because that’s not what this blog is for, and also it would be incredibly impertinent of me, as someone who has not finished the book, to do so.

Instead, I’ll say that I find myself engrossed in other stories, with a desire to fully develop other worlds. Oh, I am a project slut, I know it. I don’t think I will ever even attempt monogamy when it comes to my writing.

Well, I guess that’s all for now. Tatty bye.