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I always wanted to be one of those people who built and awesome world that could sustain multiple stories. And I had suspected that I had created a couple: the fey otherworld in Through the Veil and it’s (unfinished) mother story; the war torn landscape of Spoils of War and And After the War.

But I knew – I just knew – that the worlds I had created weren’t even near finished. I had started to explore the magic of my fey otherworld in Through the Veil, and I’m happy that both stories of that world are still just starting out, as I can develop a deeper understanding of it before and as I can continue.

For And After the War, I had started with a world that had been at war for a century. The war is ongoing during the story, but it had become a bit of a free for all, with country states completely disintegrated and armies being held mainly by those who could afford it. I took it for granted that the world was our own, just at some time in the future, where a focus on arms and warmongering had meant that other parts of daily life had regressed. I didn’t really start developing the world until I started planning Spoils of War for NaNo11. Then I factored in continental drift, different languages, magic… yeah, even I admit, that one kind of came up out of nowhere.

So, what has this got to do with NaNo12?
Good question, and I’m glad you asked. I spent most of yesterday hanging round on the NaNoWriMo website, specifically in the fantasy lounge. There I discovered people who had built complex world with detailed and interesting histories (oh, how jealous they made me,) and tools that would enable me to do the same.

Because all that had really stopped me from truly world building before was laziness.

So here are some tools for your world building convenience, (if you’ve gotten this far!)

Another post about how I’ve gotten on since encountering those resources will be put up later. But already I have a list of questions for myself and a whole new mind map. Imagine that, two mind maps already. Spoils of War only every got one.