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I really do want to start the planning process early this year. After reading this post by chryondave, I am even more determined than ever.

The thing that really fired me up was the idea of the in joke. A writer friend and I often meet up in our local Costa (where they hate us with a passion) to ‘write’, but usually we end up acting like idiots and pretending we’re Welsh. To try and combine our idiocy with writing, we start tons of those ‘one line stories’, where each person has to write a line and then pass back to the other. As a consequence, we have developed a character named ‘Mary’ and, more recently, her fiancé(e, sex unknown), Fiona. They’re ridiculous characters, and their stories just make them seem more so. But my friend has managed to successfully work both of them into a novel she is currently writing about love and determinism.

And so one of my challenges for NaNo2012, apart from actually completing, will be to work in these two characters, without making them seem out of place. Even if they are only minor characters, I am determined to do it.

And that, to pantser me, is as good a start as any other.