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So no, I have not thought of what I would like to write for NaNo this year. Once a pantser, always a pantser, I guess.

However, I have started a truckload of new stories (of questionable plotlines and quality) which I shall proceed to list here.

My favourite follows Tsuera, a pregnant girl with a crippling disease that twists her bones and is slowly mutating her body. She’s never forgotten a single thing that has happened to her, yet she can’t remember who the baby’s father might be.

Then, comes the story of Claudette Muller. It’s a pretty slow story, full of suburban snobbery and teen-aged disdain. In the midst of it all, is Claudette, neglected and (just maybe) a little insane.

Following on, is a story set after a revolution, in an area that has managed to keep itself safe from the new rulers but which is stagnating as a result. Laura-Elle, my heroine, doesn’t much mind this, but she is dragged into adventure anyway. Who knows, maybe she’ll save the world.

Finally (coming last on my list only because I’ve lost my first attempt at it) is the story of James Butler and Arlene Harper. James, rather awkwardly, is in love with his student, Arlene. Arlene has given up on relationships in general, and has instead given her life over to the care of her abandoned niece. Angst ensues.


I don’t know. I’ve been productive lately; hopefully it will last.