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And as yet, no script has been started, or even planned for. I’ve given up before I’ve even started, which is a darned shame.

On another note, I’m trying fairly (sort of) hard with Spoils of War. It was put up on webfictionguide last week, with the result that I got a (very welcome) review from a pretty prolific weblit author that made me go back and facepalm over my poor proofreading skills and my inability to inject action (woe is me :/ ). While I don’t think there is currently anything I can do about the second problem, I’m hoping that future chapters will be better. Oh dear, this doesn’t advertise well. Don’t waste your time reading this: look at the extracts, look at the extracts! And while you’re there, I shall probably to be found on Scrivener, tappity tapping away at the next chapter, trying to make it interesting. Or crying into my mint tea.