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So guys. It’s 30 days till April. Well, less for me, I’m running on GMT.

But that is not the point of this post. 30 days till April means 30 days till Script Frenzy. Now, I think most of my followers will know about Script Frenzy as most of you are NaNoers, but for those who don’t, information can be found here.

I’ve never done script frenzy before, and I’ve never really wanted to: it’s just not my area. I’m not very good at dialogue (for all that my stories contain a lot of it!) and I’m scared that any script I write will feel unnatural at best.

But today, I went to see a play that a friend of mine was in at Chickenshed. And it just clicked something inside of me. I love theatre, so much, and I love acting. i always have- I’m angry that I’m simply too shy to have properly joined my uni’s theatre Soc. And I can write – at least, I like to think I can. So I may as well try my hand at scriptwriting, no? Worse comes to worst, it will be a dismal failure, and I will never try to write a script again. Considering that I never planned to write one before, I don’t think that’s so awful.

So, I will try to plan out something this month. So far, all I’ve got is that I want a cast of young characters. I don’t know how this will work out, but fingers crossed, eh?