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Word Count: 6,300
Caffeine Count: 6
Sachets of sugar eaten: 7
Hours of sleep: 10

The last is over the past three days. This is not entirely because of NaNo- in fact it is mostly down to my poor time management skills, especially in relation to school. I’ll say no more.

So I’ve reached a bit of a block. This is because I accidentally put the plot point (remember I only had one) in right at the start of the story without realising the implications of that until it was too late. Now I feel my plot is moving too quickly, and I’m at something I haven’t yet thought out.

Ahh well. In order to keep my exceptional (for me) word count up, I decided to write one of my vignettes. Sadly, this has just caused more problems. I’ve realised I don’t want to rush this vignette, because it deals with such a sensitive issue. To rush it would be to ruin it, methinks. In fact, what I really want to do is spread it out into little episodes, but that also presents problems…

Okay, so thinking is writing and writing is thinking and whilst I’ve been writing all of that  I’ve been thinking, and I may just possible have my solution! I can separate the story into ‘arcs,’ like a web serial or a comic or what Pratchett would be if you made a huge masterbook of his Discworld series…

That way, I can deal with the problem of the premature climax (narrative climax, come now!) more easily and have a vignette that intersperses the section of each arc.

Alors, off to put my thoughts into action!