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Word Count: 3,520
Cups of sugary caffeinated hot drinks: 2
Sachets of sugar eaten: 6

So I’m off to a pretty good start, methinks. I started at midnight, and hit 1,929 words before three am, then made up the rest of the words today whilst on the train. So far Calista is everything I’ve wanted and more, and the more fantastical elements are blending in fairly incongruously. Haven’t broken out the elves yet though :3

An excerpt for your perusal:

They found her in an overcrowded building. Every other room had been full of bodies pressed together; men and women and teenagers all covered by threadbare blankets and their own cloaks, snoring lightly. But this one was on her own, in a small window with a barred windows. This one, they knew immediately was special.

Two of the men were left behind, signalling to the others to go on ahead. They crept up to her, their footsteps seeming to them ridculously loud all of a sudden, their army issue boots finding every creak floorpanel. They reached her without hitch. One of them men reached out to shake her awake.

She screamed when she saw his leer, screamed loud enough to alert the entire building, screamed louder than they figured her little body could handle, but of course by then it was too late.

One of the men covered her mouth with a grubby hand, the other unbuckled his army regulation belt.

She seemed to be no more than ten years old.

Urm yeah… that’s my prologue. It’s a little… heavy, I know, but that’s mostly my mums fault.

How is the NaNo effort going for you guys?

Bonne chance!