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So I don’t know how many of you- if any- are familiar with the term ‘rudes’ when used as slang. Here, where I am, a rude is a youth, generally black, who goes around in new era caps with their jeans round their knees, if male, or with fake nails a mile long, blackberries with pink covers and hair slicked back if female. Also known as ‘rudebois’ and ‘rudegals’ or ‘gangstas’.

There happen to be a few of them in my area, mostly young and mostly they ride on bikes (see, they’re not bad people; they care about the environment!)
One day, as I watched a particularly young group of these boys (too young to really even be ‘rudes’) following one on a bike, it struck me that it could be some sort of hierarchy- those on bikes above those on foot. It reminded me of a mounted knight leading foot soldiers -I had been reading Le Mort D’Arthur that day. I decided that I would like to write that into something, and it struck me today that it would be perfect for my NaNo. In this world, where natural resources are few and most production is military, leisure or luxury objects such as bikes would be few and far between and therefore a symbol of elevated status. So that is Rude Vignette number one.

Rude vignette number two is based on another event from my life. I was waiting for a bus when two boys who were what I assumed to be typical rudes passed by. One was saying to the other ‘I had some niiiiiiiiice tea the other day’ and it struck me as really bizarre. I would have expected them to say that about weed or something. I didn’t hear the context of the conversation- it would have been less surreal and less inspiring if I had. This vignette (which could legitimately be part of the one above) would focus on tea dealers. Yep, people who grow tea illegally to sell on the black market. As already mentioned, natural resources are sparse, and hardly anyone is talking to anyone else (politically) so tea isn’t something you can get your hands on easily. This idea came from me taking the piss of those two boys and pretending to offer my friends ‘some green- I got a proper high quality darjeeling- if you need a pick me up I got lemon and ginger!’

Yeah, I’m really excited about these vignettes.