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First things first; my MC will be Calista, but only to her friends (although, I’m not sure she has any friends… just minions :’) ). I want her real/other name to be something biblical. Not like Hannah, or Ruth or Eve or anything, but a proper fire and brimstone, wrath-of-God type name.

So, the possible plot!
Okay, so it’s not really a plot, but it’s the catalyst, I guess. Calista and her detachment have been keeping the town safe for a decade, which is quite something in the climate. It has become relatively prosperous (in a universe where real cotton clothing is the height of luxury), and it runs well. There are no militia’s and no mercanaries, only Calista’s detachment and it works well.

So it’s attacked. (Out of jealousy, out of a need to gather resources, out of sheer boredome; I don’t know.)

And so the story will (at least for a while) follow Calista as she tries to deal with the instability of the town and keep further attacks at bay.

I have a sudden image of her arming youths, and giving a very dictatorial pep speech.

I’m in love with her already.