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I did a lot of brainstorming while at work today, and I’m feeling pretty chuffed. I still don’t have a plan, but I have the elements worked out in more detail.

I’m very excited to see how the magic realism/fantasy aspects work out. I was a bit worried when I fully realised what that would entail, because I don’t really want it to be overbearingly fantastical. I want it to be more subtle, like Neverwhere (I know, I know; Neil Gaiman again. He just get’s it right, okay?) where, even though there’s a whole other world, everything sort of makes sense. At least, it does to me, a born and bred Londoner. I see the underground in an entirely new light now.

But back to my point (a tangent in itself. Oh, gosh, I’m terrible). The thing I’m really excited about, other than the banshee’s, are the Guards. I don’t know what prompted me to come up with them. They’re beings who average around 6’7″ to 7′ in height and who have silver eyes. I don’t know what function they’ll serve within the story, how many of them will be, what they can do or anything like that, but I’m looking forward to finding it all out 😀

I’m also looking forward to the elves, but that’s something else entirely.

I’ll probably scan and post my brainstorming tomorrow. Well, today, but at a more reasonable hour.

E.Turner Out!