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Okay. So last night, while watching Death Note and trying to keep my eyes open, I had some idea for my WriMo and I can’t for the life of me remember what it is.

So I’m going to follow the time-honoured method of staring at this blog post while I remember what it is, and whilst I am doing that, I will ramble in a relatively aimless fashion.

So I’ve been following lots of people doing NaNo, and reading all their posts has gotten me even more excited about it than I originally was. I want to start planning, and in theory I so could (after all, it would mean that I am not doing the things I should be doing today, like showering and doing dishes etc.) but I’m actually a little scared of starting to plan so soon. There are, what sixteen days left? (I’m not really sure, my month maths isn’t so great) and I don’t want to accidentally start writing bits of story before the first, which is what I inevitably do before planning.

I also know I need to start research, but once again, I can’t properly remember what on, which is (more than) a little irritating.

But oh well, I have the rest of the month to resolve these problems, aye?

Maybe i just imagined having a new idea. Ahh, well, if it was truly awesome it’ll probably resurface when I do eventually start planning.

A bientôt!